Making history

With a good dose of courage and pioneering spirit, Reinhold Quiter laid out the cornerstone of today’s successes in 1961. It all began in Benolpe in the south-eastern part North Rhine-Westphalia, in the garage of his parents’ farm house. With a single lathe and two colleagues, the first parts were assembled here. However modest the beginnings might have been, from the outset the “Reinh. Quiter KG” company was a serious competitor and managed to quickly partner with renowned clients such as VW, Ford, Krupp or Küppersbusch to produce individual turned parts or fittings for them.

During this beginning stage, Quiter relied on capable medium-sized subcontractors, as the company’s own capacity soon was not enough to meet demand. Back then, complex TÜV certification procedures were not yet required. In 1963, only two years after the company started operations, the prospering business was moved to Drolshagen. Constant renewal and expansion of the machinery ensured that Quiter always kept up-to-date with technical developments. At the same time, continuous training of employees ensured that know-how at the company remained at the highest level –and this continues to be true even today. All these measures ensure that customers can rely on the expert and personal support that the Quiter name has stood for for decades.