Processing metal

Knowledge is the source of success – the specialized understanding of industry requirements or know-how when it comes to the handling of certain materials. Quiter has acquired this knowledge over many years and has been known for a long time as one of the established specialists in metal processing, whether brass, aluminium, bronze or steel is being processed. The employees at Quiter are experts in the chemical composition and physical properties of the different alloys, ensuring the end product’s highest quality from the first processing steps onwards.

In particular, aluminium has become quite popular in recent times and is used regularly in the production of forgings. Its advantages – in comparison to aluminium die-casting – are in its density and stability at relatively low weight compared to brass or steel, which is particularly significant for the automotive industry. Quiter specializes in dealing with this innovative type of metal and produces a wide range of aluminium forging products, including gear covers, camshaft bridges as well as strut covers.   


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