Enjoying success

Over the last five decades, Quiter has made an excellent name for itself in numerous industries with its high quality products, and reliability and flexibility in production. A prime example is the automotive industry, in which the medium-sized business is now an established partner of large manufacturers and their sub-contractors. Parts manufactured by Quiter are of the same top quality as the cars in which they are used: From Mercedes to Volkswagen, Bugatti to Audi and from BMW to Porsche.

Forgings and fittings by Quiter are also used in the electronics industry and in the engineering industry.

Customers choose Quiter not just for the quality of the company’s metal forgings and fittings, but also for their efficiency. And customers can always rely on getting the best value for their money – something that matters not only in times of crisis. Quiter’s strong growth proves that a company can expand over the years and still operate economically.